Sustaining Campus Mounds at Beloit College, a panel talk


Beloit College is located on the ancestral homeland of Indigenous peoples, and the Beloit College Mound Group remains a visual reminder of our settler colonialism. Since its founding in 1846, College-sponsored projects resulted in mound mapping and destruction by development and erosion, excavation and removal of ancestors and funerary belongings, and more recently, mound preservation, education, and reburial. This panel brings together the perspectives of a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin, whose ancestors called this landscape home, a Beloit College Professor of Anthropology and students whose work focuses on mound preservation and education, and the Director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology who has accelerated NAGPRA efforts at Beloit College. These contemporary perspectives offer examples of successes, shortfalls, and ongoing challenges in recognizing our responsibilities to stewarding our cultural landscape.

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