The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) is a nonprofit, full-service facility with experts in a range of disciplines. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have been providing conservation and preservation services since 1977. Our mission is to provide expertise and leadership in the preservation of cultural heritage. Our conservators repair and stabilize books, photographs, and documents. Our preservation services staff works in the field, providing education programs and helping institutions plan for the future of their collections. We also offer digitization services, fundraising assistance, framing, and more.

Our clients range from private individuals to large museums to volunteer-run historical societies. Visit our website to learn about the many services we offer, preview upcoming programs on our event calendar, and explore our large database of resources and technical bulletins.

We work to meet our mission every day by bringing a thoughtful approach to every project we undertake. How can we help you?

Statement on Sustainability:

CCAHA is committed to reducing the impact of preservation and conservation on the destruction of our precious natural world. We strive to create a working environment that reduces consumption of limited resources, while prioritizing partnerships with sustainable companies, promoting staff well-being, and reducing waste. Our goal is to sustain our community, save city of Philadelphia resources, and support our shared place on the planet.

The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) is located in “Lenapehoking,” now known as Philadelphia, which is the traditional homeland of the Lenape Nation. We acknowledge the 250 years of displacement that separated the Lenape people from their homeland. We honor and pay our respects to Lenape elders past, present, and future for more than 10,000 years of continued care and stewardship over these lands. CCAHA and staff strive to understand our place within the legacy of colonization and act as allies in the protection and preservation of Indigenous cultural heritage.



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